Leah Moriah Robinson

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Leah Moriah Robinson


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Leah studies Higher Education as an Ed.M. candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education. An aspiring student affairs administrator, Leah is passionate about civic engagement and student activism, facilitating co-curricular social justice programming, and building inclusive campus spaces that encourage and center honest dialogue around identity. Leah has created and supported workshops and trainings for college students and young adults around anti-racism, service-learning, positive sexuality, and intersectionality at various educational institutions.  

At the PKG Center, Leah supports multiple cohort-based and community-based programs for MIT undergraduates, including cohort immersion programs and courses.

Open Office Hours: Fridays 1-3pm EST. Sign-up here or email Leah​ for additional availability at Leahro@mit.edu.