Active Community Engagement (ACE)

ACE events and deadlines have past for 2020, but you can learn more about ACE, as well as the newly launched ACE Intensive, by reading through past offerings below!

New for Fall 2020! ACE Intensive

Develop social change workshops and resources to provide to your peers and other audiences, incorporating communication with community and public interest organizations, alumni, and stakeholders.

Each week you’ll participate in a whole-group meeting with PKG staff and participate in a workshop on either a social change methodology (e.g., advocacy, civic engagement, personal responsibility, research, etc); social justice theme (e.g., climate change, health, technology for good), or complex context issue (e.g., Race, Gender and Sexual Identity, Food Insecurity, Environmental Justice). You’ll also perform team-based research on organizations in Boston and Cambridge, and connect with alumni to learn from practitioners and individuals engaged in social change work in the community.

Get to know your fellow first-years and Greater Boston while you explore the social and environmental issues impacting local communities and beyond!

ACE is an engaging, action-oriented, and service-focused introduction to MIT and surrounding communities. Sign up for ACE as your MIT FPOP (First-year Pre-Orientation Program)!

ACE 2020 has gone virtual! Meet your fellow ACE-ers and sign up through the FPOP application portal below.

Welcome to ACE 2020!
How ACE works

ACE is a five-day celebration of community engagement and urban exploration. It’s a chance to volunteer with other first-year students on projects that help strengthen our neighborhood; participate in activities and discussions that delve into social issues such as inequality, privilege, and food insecurity; and develop valuable friendships while discovering local resources that will support you during the school year and beyond.

ACE is coordinated and led by older MIT students (often ACE alumni) who plan and train throughout the spring and summer to be coordinators and counselors.

Past ACE cohorts have engaged in:
  • Sorting food donations at the Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Organizing school supplies for an educational organization
  • Volunteering at community health and art centers
  • Engaging in activities that explore hunger, gender, and cultural issues
  • Learning from locals about the social issues facing our community
  • Getting the inside scoop on acclimating and thriving at MIT from a team of student counselors
  • Touring Cambridge and Boston’s diverse, culturally-rich neighborhoods
  • Eating froyo, hanging out, and watching movies together

Application coming soon!