2019 IDEAS Grantees

We are pleased to recognize the following teams as grantees in the 2018–19 IDEAS challenge.

2019 IDEAS grantees
Rose Lincoln/Photographer
Team nameAmountDescription
Retired Talent $7500 A company that employs retirees and matches their skills with needs in the community.
Sustainable AI $7500 An organization that provides accurate forest inventory to aid reforestation efforts.
Animo $10000 An affordable, non-invasive wristband that stops hand tremors in patients with Parkinsons.
Precavida $10000 A digital matching platform that connects uninsured patients to healthcare providers
SciTeens $10000 A free online social network for high school STEM students designed to encourage sharing, reviewing, and collaborating.
SiPure $10000 A company that develops silicon membrane technology that removes arsenic from fresh water.
Req Staffing $10000 A company that develops contracts with Fortune 500 energy companies to meet human capital needs.
InSanirator $10000 A company that fills the gap in the sanitation value chain by converting fecal sludge into energy and clean water.
Frolic $10000 A company that pairs landowners who want to age-in-place with middle-income first-time homebuyers
Myco Diagnostics $15000 A company that addresses the diagnostic gap in cases of tuberculosis in India with accessible testing.