(SUMMER ’18) Andrew Brose, G

July 5, 2018 – Off to the Races

I’m part of team Kawsay – check it out www.kawsay.io

What’s Happening:        

The semester ended with a final pitch at the DesignX showcase. This was a great opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals and make additional contacts as we begin our summer. After taking some time off graduation, the Kawsay team returned in force as we continue to develop the online platform, test out a business model, and set up meetings with early adopters. 


Sophia has been filling in the calendar with meetings, workshops, and site visits for our trip to Lima coming up in a few weeks. Mario and Alexander just took off for China where they will be presenting the kawsay platform to a number of investors and government agencies who are interested in using data for urban planning solutions. Meanwhile, Andrew is in Boston where he attended the Autodesk Robotics in Construction Summit and continues to nail down operational tasks.

The team is reviewing applications for interns who will join us this summer to help with a number of tasks including organizing community events, validating data points, and troubleshooting UI.



What We’re Learning:

Users from different contexts, cultures, and backgrounds will expect different results from the same company. To grow within any new market, young companies must recognize their competitive advantage and present it in a way that is compelling and convincing to the unique user, whether from Shenzhen, Lima, or Johannesburg. Lessons can be learned from others fast-growing, international brands within the health care, education, fashion, and food industries.


What We’re Reading:

Genetic algorithms used to predict skyscraper development in cities

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