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Strengthen your team with an MIT Social Impact Intern in January or summer!

PKG’s Social Impact Internship Program connects MIT undergraduate students with funded internships for challenging opportunities that yield significant impact for your organization and community. If your organization could benefit from additional capacity on a new or existing project, or you’d like to shore up your team’s technical capacity, a Social Impact Intern could be a great fit.

We are seeking opportunities that leverage MIT undergraduate students’ unique skills and interests to address complex social and environmental challenges, with a focus on health, climate change, and tech, particularly when the work supports historically underserved and underrepresented groups. Our students have an especially deep interest in opportunities that utilize tech for social good.

We are recruiting internship partners for full-time Social Impact Internships for January (4 weeks) and summer (8-10 weeks). The PKG Center will fully fund internship positions—no cost to your organization!–for most government agencies and non-profit organizations. If your organization has the capacity to pay student stipends, we’d welcome your contributions.

Eligible partners include:
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Public and government agencies
  • Corporations working on projects or technology for the public good
  • Social Enterprises
  • Foundations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility departments
Why host an MIT Social Impact Intern?
  • Access MIT students with specialized technical skills at no cost (in most cases)
  • Build your organization’s capacity
  • Make an impact on an emerging young professional and demonstrate the importance of your mission through mentoring
  • Receive ongoing support from PKG Center staff including assisting with crafting the position, recruiting students, and advising and troubleshooting

Ready to get started?

We are eager to connect, discuss your project, and answer your questions. Contact Julie Uva, Program Administrator, at if you’re interested in partnering on an internship now or in the future.

Read about our students’ recent Social Impact Internship experiences:

Richter Jordaan, working in data analytics for the Massachusetts Trial Court to reduce recidivism:

“This internship has allowed me to meaningfully grapple with my own role and responsibilities in these complex social issues… I plan to seek further opportunities to utilize computational thinking in efforts to promote social good in the future. After all, computer science does not exist in a vacuum, and a more critical examination of the relationship between computation and broader society is the first step towards leveraging it for positive social change.” 

Oby Nwodoh, working in data analysis with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Inc.

Katherine He, working in software development with AccesSOS:

“Most importantly, though, I’ve gained a better understanding of how my work – especially in structuring and designing new software – can impact others. In the future I hope to continue developing the skills I learned to make my projects (technical or nontechnical) more inclusive and accessible to all.”

David Ulloa, working in data engineering with Cognitive Toybox

Jackie Lin, working in software development with n*gram health:

“One of the biggest questions I’ve been asking myself is what I can do with my skills. Not just what languages I know or what services I’m familiar with, but how I can make a positive difference. I began looking to the PKG Center for ELO opportunities because I felt that it offered me the perfect way to explore how I could combine software with service…Knowing that my skills are directly contributing to a software tool that is not detached, but rather humanistic and impactful, motivates me to continue.”

Robert Cancio (’23) and So Hee Ahn (’22) were COVID Action Recovery Interns with the City of Miami Beach through the Social Impact Internship Program. They were invited to speak at the recent MIT Alumni Leadership Conference about their experiences using tech for the public interest in an emergency context.

So Hee is from Seoul, Korea, and is majoring in Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Robert is from Miami-Dade, Florida and is majoring in Courses 15-1 and 7 (Business Management and Biology).

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