Federal Work-Study Hosts


Need to bring fresh thinking to an old problem or create a strategy for confronting a new technical challenge? An MIT student can be a valuable addition to your hardworking staff. 

The federal work-study program at MIT helps connect eligible undergraduate and graduate students with paid jobs and internships at nonprofit and government agencies throughout the academic year and summer.

Federal Work-Study Organization and Position Requirements:

  • The position is at a nonprofit or public agency in the US or its territories;
  • The focus of the position is domestic and for the public benefit;
  • The position is paid and the off-campus employer agrees to pay 25% of the student compensation;
  • The position provides well-defined and significant social/environmental impact;
  • The position allows students to explore and learn about at least one strategy for social change;
  • The position is rigorous and possibly academically aligned; 
  • The position builds MIT students’ personal and professional skills and abilities and supports interest/career exploration.

Why host a federal work-study student from MIT?

  • Access MIT students with specialized, unique technical skills at a fraction of what they are paid
  • Opportunity to make your position more competitive to applicants with a higher hourly rate
  • Minimize your organizational onboarding costs and administrative processes since students are paid through the MIT payroll
  • Build your organization’s capacity
  • Support students who are receiving financial aid to attend MIT
  • Make an impact on an emerging young professional and demonstrate the importance of your mission through mentoring
  • Receive ongoing support from PKG Center staff including assisting with crafting the position, recruiting students, and advising and troubleshooting

Interested in learning more, or proposing potential federal work-study opportunities with your organization? Please reach out to Julie Uva at juva@mit.edu.