From Moscow – On Young Curators Delivering Western Influence in Russia, Part 2


By Dasha Nuzhnaya

I was trained as an architect, worked as an architect and interior designer and I was constantly interested in the role of objects into the spaces, the juxtaposition between architecture and interior design, the inside-outside idea of the buildings itself. In Russia, we still have this neglect for the interior design profession, the perception of it extending into the idea of the people who somehow dealing with the furniture, where the furniture becoming the object of philistinism.

For me, it’s obvious that the interior is the space, and space is many things — people, art, architecture, scenarios, life itself. And the object can change the space tremendously.

At the same time, my interest in the art started to develop, I’ve started to follow the idea of how art and reality can exist together, how object started to become an art object.

Today in Russia there are no design galleries which are focusing on the contemporary collectible design objects. There are just a few people who have an interest in it. But the interest started to emerge and it has a potential.


With that event, where we brought the artist Piergiorgio Robino and the Russian designers together, we wanted to start the new dialogue, trigger a new perception of how object can be an art, how far we can go with the idea of the furniture, which became not just a functional thing but an artistic statement, a sculpture.

The idea was to create a pop-up event in the anti-institutional environment for one night, and we picked up the bar, with the long bar counter, where the artist can talk about his art behind the bar and make his favorite cocktails at the same time. The form of this event should have to make the artist himself more human and real and create a friendly environment of the intimacy.


The Cosmoscow* art collectors club helped with the organization of the event and brought people who are interested in the topic of art and design. So far we bring together the designers and architects, art collectors and gallerists, directors of the modern museums etc.

Cosmoscow* art collectors club is a community which was appeared on the basis of the Cosmoscow Artfair. Cosmoscow Artfair is an annual event which takes part in Moscow, it brings together the Russian and International art world, there are more than 70 galleries taking part in it, around 20 000 people which visit the Artfair each year and the number increasing from year to year.  


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