Fall 18 , Morgan Augillard, G ’19, ZUMIX Radio

Hey everyone, I’m back like I never left–mostly because I didn’t! I had an amazing opportunity  to work with a local community radio station, Zumix Radio – East Boston, this summer. Even more amazing, I’ve been able to continue working with them this fall. Zumix is a great organization that is predicated on allowing youth to develop skills to succeed in the music and audio industries. Even if the young people don’t end up pursuing a career in music, Zumix also believe every young person should have the opportunity to learn regardless of things like family income.

This summer I worked specifically with one of the community shows, What’s Up Eastie  hosted by Kannan Thiruvengadam. Kannan is a community activist and though he may not categorize it this way, his show is about planning issues in East Boston. How are the residents dealing with development? What are the ways youth connect to their community? What’s the deal with these elections? This is a small sampling of some of the questions WUE seeks to, if not answer, at least deeply investigate.

Phew…that was a lot of writing! To learn more about What’s Up Eastie and the work I’m doing go straight to the source and listen to my interview about my summer! You can also listen to past show (many of which i edited) on our website and show archive!

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