Fall 18, Erika Mynio ’20 MSSEF

Hey! My name is Erika Mynio and I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering here at MIT. I am originally from Rochester, NY and this semester so far has been pretty hectic. I am taking the most classes I ever have here but after this semester I have a pretty light load until I graduate which will give me more time for extracurricular activities!

I have been working for the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair since around October of my freshman year, so I’m just about at my two year anniversary!

I originally found the position on the work-study job listing, and it was really intriguing because I got to support the science fair both through my research and once a year during the actual fair. I also love my work because I can do it remotely from my laptop at any time that’s convenient for me, which is mostly late at night.

The majority of what I do is researching science fair alumni to find out what they’re doing now and see if they could be potential donors for the science fair in the future. I really enjoy this aspect because I know I am helping provide the resources for more high school students to be exposed to the STEM world.

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