Center for Coalfield Justice: Mimi Wahid

Mimi Wahid is a PKG Fellow and ACE (Active Community Engagement) leader. For the month of January, Mimi worked with the Center for Coalfield Justice in the fracking belt of Pennsylvania. Her reflection was featured on the CCJ’s website. Read all about her work and her understanding of this community and the challenges they face.  

“I’ve started to understand what the economic and environmental impacts of undermining—meaning, mining underneath structures and water sources—are. But on the tour of the coalfields I took last week, I saw what it looks like when an entire community is undermined: when a community’s power is weakened, when their strength is removed from underneath them like a seam of profit-producing coal, when respect, trust, and security are piped away like wet natural gas.”

Tags: Climate Change, News Feature, PKG Fellowships, Urban & Rural Planning

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