Social Impact Internships 2020: Nicholas Dyette (’23)

Education in the Time of COVID-19, Using Tech for Good
Nicholas Dyette (’23, Course 6)

I was drawn to this internship for the opportunity to develop my technical skills while also being able to create meaningful, visible, change. When searching for internship options for this summer, I knew that I primarily wanted an internship that would help me develop real-life working skills within my field of study. Throughout my search, though, I came to a realization that—especially during these tumultuous times the world is facing—I wanted an opportunity to not only develop my skills, but also apply them towards creating significant outcomes. On a more personal level, I guess I wanted to see that the education I am planning on pursuing for the next three years could have the power to create meaningful change even with the baseline knowledge I possess now. 

When I saw the posting for this internship at the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership (SEZP), I saw an opportunity that addressed all the criteria I was searching for, and also aimed to address a problem I had witnessed firsthand. For some background, the objective of the SEZP is to assist in providing public schools in Springfield, Massachusetts with the necessary help and resources to provide their students with the best learning experience possible. Many of these schools are severely underfunded and lack resources that are taken for granted at other schools. Particularly during these times, the SEZP is assisting these schools with their transition to remote learning, mainly through building and improving their websites. This problem stood out to me, because I have a younger brother entering high school and I’ve had to help him with a lot of the confusion and problems he’s faced due to this rough transition.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my choice, and this internship has been everything I expected and more. These past few weeks I have been working closely with the principals of many of these schools as we strive to better the learning experience of the students. I have been able to develop my technical skills as I build and enhance the school websites, along with picking up additional knowledge such as behind-the-scenes insights into education. It’s great to see the passion and enthusiasm the principals have for their students and it’s been extremely fulfilling to see how my work and knowledge can be put towards this goal.

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