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Courtesy of Rani (Queen) Ukhengching Marma

Working through the collaborative platform of 7000 Languages, Rani (Queen) Ukhengching Marma, embarked on a meaningful journey last year by connecting with the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. This partnership has been instrumental in developing a comprehensive digital dictionary for the Marma language, a linguistic endeavor that has now accumulated over 250 words. The initiative is ambitiously expanding, integrating audio pronunciations, illustrative images, and explanations of cultural significance to enrich the learning experience. Given the rapid loss of linguistic diversity, the Marma language faces the threat of losing many of its unique words. Therefore, Rani Ukhengching collaborated with Tongsa, an indigenous Marma-led organization to create the dictionary and course materials aimed not only at preserving the linguistic heritage of the Marma community but also at serving as a resilient beacon of cultural identity and knowledge for future generations.

“This work is massive, and it might take years to finish, but I’m still passionate about it. Marma is the core of my culture and the source from which I have grown. Marma is the essence of my heritage, the root from which I’ve grown. It is this deep connection that fuels my commitment; I refuse to let it fade into oblivion.” – Rani (Queen) Ukhengching Marma

Courtesy of Rani (Queen) Ukhengching Marma

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