Social Impact Internships: Vivian Chinoda (’25)

Vivian Chinoda

My name is Vivian Clarissah Chinoda, and I am studying Business Analytics. I am
passionate about the intersection of technology and society; and really thinking about the needs of the latter, and the impact of the former on the latter. On campus, some organisations I am involved with are the African Students’ Association, the Black Theatre Guild, and the Product Management club. This IAP, I interned at the MIT Federal Credit Union(FCU) as a Tech Equity Analyst intern, analysing and synthesising data to draft recommendations on ways to better serve an underserved
client demographic.

My massive transformative purpose(MTP) is to serve humanity and inspire its progress towards equitable accessibility to resources. Rather vague, isn’t it? To be honest, I don’t have the slightest clue how I will inspire such progress. However, I have known for several years that my heart beats for technology, engineering, social innovation, equity and social justice. It is this passion that saw me developing interest in sustainability, from climate solutions to green energy systems to water sanitation, down to period poverty. At MIT, I have found myself in different places, doing different work for different causes. I have found myself confused about who I am and what I want to achieve. This internship has helped me realise that all the work I have been doing in and outside of class has been community centred and social impact work. Recognising that pattern, I am dedicated to further pursue projects and career paths in social impact. This infographic represents my journey, which is oddly all over the place, diverges from what those around me may expect at times, but is ultimately always intentionally moving forward towards my MTP.

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