Brittany Gene Design

Student Software Developer Intern – ONNSFA

Brittany Gene is an industrial designer from Indian Wells, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. Her project is to create a platform like an app that Navajo Nation scholars can use to update and store their information, submit and request necessary documents safely and directly, and see the status of their scholarship applications. Additionally, the ONNSFA staff can use the backend of the platform to manage documents, send updates, communicate with the students and disburse funds quickly and efficiently.

Intern Role

To help build a redesigned website and a database with user interface, including desktop and mobile application. Interns will be coached by a senior software developer.  Additionally the role includes learning about project management and  user experience design and research. This position is remote and we can work on a flexible schedule based on the project needs and the interns interest in learning. The project is working in collaboration with the Office  of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance.

Intern should be somewhat familiar with the following programming languages:

  •  HTML
  •  CSS
  •  JavaScript
  •  TypeScript
  •  Node
  •  Relational Databases (MySQL)
  •  Git
  •  APIs
  • Open to other programming languages intern is familiar with
  • Coaching senior developer is willing to help train and assist students who may not know all the languages above but are interested in learning.
  • Students will learn how to work with the design team for creating the platform.
  • Students should have their own computer or access to use a computer.
  • Students should be able to find time to zoom/virtually call to help with the project.
  • After the student has completed their agreed upon time, they can choose to help in the future and will be given priority to be hired/contracted for the project.
  • Students are permitted to use their contributions to their portfolio and will be given agreed upon assets to help their portfolio and resume.
  • Students may ask for letters of recommendation based on their time on the project.

Project timeline

Build is estimated to begin January 2024 and last until the beginning of Fall 2024. The project is open to being flexible during this time line, so long that the tasks are finished in a timely manner. If a student wants to continue on with the project beyond the Summer of 2023, there will be discussion for needs in the future and a contract will be created. Additional support is welcomed.