History Revoiced: Opening the Classroom to Stories that Change Our World (UC-Berkeley)

3 p.m. PT | 6 p.m. EST | RSVP Here

The genocide that happened to Native peoples in California has been conclusively documented. But we have barely begun to confront its cultural, historical, and emotional impact.The University of California, Berkeley, sits on indigenous land and still holds over 10,000 unrepatriated ancestors. In the wake of this unacknowledged genocide in which higher education has been complicit, how can university classrooms and students grapple with this legacy? Can classrooms truly partner with native communities and educators to imagine new institutional spaces and ways of learning? This multi-year partnership between a Berkeley class and Tribal leaders from the Eastern Sierra’s Payahuunadü (renamed the Owens Valley) asks these questions.

Hosted by the University of California, Berkeley’s Public Service Center

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