IAP Class: Effective Philanthropy-Giving Drives

12-1:30pm in 5-134
When disaster strikes, do you feel compelled to act?
In the holiday season, do you feel called to give back to your community?
Are you looking for ways that your team can build bonds and make the world a better place?
A giving drive can be a great way to address critical needs, connect communities, and shape philanthropic habits. It can also have unintended consequences – unforeseen work and expenses for the organizers, and inappropriate goods for the receiving agencies.
In the class, we’ll share best practices for giving drives, explore the work that agencies do to process donations, and discuss how driver organizers can deepen donors’ engagement with agencies and their work. 
The class is facilitated by staff from the PKG Center, and we’ll hear perspectives from a panel of MIT colleagues and representatives of local government and community agencies.
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Questions? Email Alison hynd@mit.edu 

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