PKG Academic Course Registration Deadline

Click here to register for SP.259 Pathways to Social Justice at MIT and Beyond!

Friday, September 8, 2023, is the last day to register for all students. Register for the PKG Academic Course: SP.259 Pathways to Social Justice at MIT and Beyond.

This course explores student pathways to support social change and social justice efforts within the greater Boston region and how students can be agents of change throughout their lives. Students are introduced to ethical, reciprocal, and community-informed approaches to creating social change through readings, lectures, class discussions, critical reflection, and direct service experiences with local community organizations. This course also aims to create a supportive community for undergraduate students to build a network of thoughtful MIT stakeholders dedicated to creating social good in the world. Subject offered by the PKG Public Service Center. Subject can count toward the 6-unit discovery-focused credit limit for first-year students.

Thursdays, 12-1pm in 2-136 (Simons Building)

Taught by: V. Yee

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