Power, Privilege, Positionality and Systems Change: Part II

Thursday, August 13th, 4pm – 5:30pm (EDT)

Join the PKG Center as we continue our 3-part series focusing on how systemic power and privilege exist, and how we can begin to work toward systemic change! In this portion, we will be focusing on questions like:

  • Building on part 1, how do we now define power and privilege? How might identities define that differently?
  • What happens when you take a moment to really think about your privileges, in a systemic manner like a privilege checklist?
  • How can understanding your individual privileges open your eyes to the “ice berg” of oppression that exists, under the surface?
  • How can we as individuals show up for others as a bystander? What must you prepare for? How do you know if intervening in a situation is the best for you?

Join us to learn more about how you can begin to dissect these elements of your lived experience and work toward creating change!

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