The Real Montgomery Bus Boycott (Brown)

3 p.m. PT | 6 p.m. EST | RSVP Here

Marco McWilliams is an educator and public scholar of African-American history and is currently a program coordinator at Brown University’s Swearer Center for Public Service. McWilliams is a Mississippi-born activist, educator, and is the founding organizer and former deputy director of the Providence Africana Reading Collective (PARC). He is also a founding director of the Black Studies program at DARE, and an organizer with Behind the Walls, DARE’s prison abolition committee. McWilliams is the founder of the Providence Black Studies Freedom School, a free political education project focused on providing theoretically grounded and engaged historical instruction for members of Providence’s diverse communities. The Real Montgomery Bus Boycott will examine how working-class Black women organized to break the chains of southern segregation and advanced the struggle for Black liberation.

Hosted by Brown University’s Swearer Center for Public Service 

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