Grinding Stone Collective

Grinding Stone Collective Inc. is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to creating meaningful events, workshops, classes, and databases for Indigenous communities. Our core mission is to build strong, self-sufficient Indigenous communities and to build connections between urban and rural natives. We are committed to creating innovative, impactful, and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us as Indigenous people today. We accomplish this by working with both Tech and TEK to promote Indigenous culture and knowledge through education, collaboration, and innovation.

Internship Option One (our more immediate need) – Video & Social Media Intern

Grinding Stone Collective needs assistance with editing and uploading their backlog of class recordings. Their intern will be responsible for adding in branding, adding intro/outro, editing any unnecessary airtime etc. They can also practice SEO by learning the best titles, hashtags and creating clips for social media and marketing. If the intern is Spanish bilingual and time allows, GSC is interested in adding translations as well but this is optional. 

 Video & Social Media Intern Duties:

  • Edit GSC’s backlog of classes for upload to Youtube 
  • Create a set of clips to be used for social media campaigns & fundraising 
  • Utilize video editing software to create compelling and informative videos that showcase the organization’s initiatives, events, and activities for Social Media
  • Assist with creating a Schedule/Calendar for social media posts following indigenous holidays and events so we may improve our online presence and maximize audience reach
  • Assist in tracking social media analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the success of campaigns and identify areas for improvement
  • Stay up-to-date with social media trends, best practices, and new platforms, and share relevant insights with the team to continually enhance the organization’s online presence
  • Generate and maintain a library of high-quality visual assets, including images, graphics, and edited videos, for use in social media content
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions to contribute ideas for social media initiatives & fundraising 
  • Support other marketing and communication initiatives as needed, such as assisting with blog posts or email campaigns, with a focus on integrating video content where appropriate

Internship Option Two – Database Research Intern

Grinding Stone Collective wants to expand their database offerings by hiring an intern to help update their existing lists (Indigenous ProducersIndigenous Restaurants). The intern will help build frameworks and research toward new databases (For example: List of Indigenous Foods/Ingredients, Indigenous Stewardship Projects, etc). 

Database Research Intern Duties:

  • Conduct thorough research to update and expand existing databases, such as Indigenous Producers and Indigenous Restaurants, on the Grinding Stone Collective website
  • Collaborate with the team to develop frameworks and criteria for new databases, such as a List of Indigenous Foods/Ingredients and Indigenous Stewardship Projects
  • Utilize various research methods to gather and verify accurate information about Indigenous producers, restaurants, foods, ingredients, and stewardship projects
  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency by regularly reviewing and validating information in the databases
  • Organize and categorize data in a user-friendly format to enhance the accessibility and usability of the databases for website visitors
  • Collaborate with the marketing and communication team to promote the databases and encourage submissions from Indigenous communities and stakeholders
  • Assist in maintaining the databases, regularly updating information, and making necessary adjustments as new data becomes available
  • Support other related research initiatives and administrative tasks as needed to contribute to the overall success of the Grinding Stone Collective’s database expansion efforts