Social Innovation Exploration FPOP 

We think every student is an innovator at MIT—even if sometimes that title can be intimidating. SIE welcomes first year students into the social innovation and entrepreneurship community while introducing the MIT PKG Public Service Center as the entryway to public service and meaningful social change. 

Students in teams will design interventions that solve a pressing social issue facing MIT’s campus, after 5 days of:

  • LEARNING about social change, innovation and entrepreneurship processes, and systemic views of a particular social and/or environmental issue
  • REFLECTING on the role that power and privilege play, for which communities this is the biggest challenge and why, and how social identities impact our world views
  • EXPLORING the social innovation and entrepreneurship resources on campus
  • DESIGNING interventions to this year’s problem space by learning how to build rapid prototypes, principles of community-centered design, and other social entrepreneurship frameworks  

Dates of the program runs from Tuesday, August 22 to Saturday, August 26, 2023.

Registration opens soon! Please check back for more information on how to register.