From Moscow – On Young Curators Delivering Western Influence in Russia, Part 1

Event: July 24 2018

Location: КОМБИНАТ Pесторан Москва


Dasha Nuzhnaya is an architect and independent projects curator in architecture, art, and design.

On the ground floor of a new restaurant close to the headquarters of Yandex, a group of artists, curators, buyers, and sellers gathered for a discussion on the work by Nucleo Studio, the studio’s founder, Artist Piergriogio Robino came to Moscow to present the work – a discussion in Italian and Russian led by Alena Pinskay – the owner of a local gallery. These types of events are a common scene in western metropolises – but to Muscovites, these events are still unusual.

The event was organized and executed by Dasha Nuzhnaya, a Russian Architect turned independent projects curator focusing on architecture, art, and design. Upon arriving to Kombinat guests were greeted with champagne provided by the house Ruinart, and fish delicacies and seafood from four Russian regions. The even began with an open discussion between Piergiorgio Robino with Alina Pinskaya about collector design and its place in the contemporary art market in Russia. The talk continued with informal communication about the creative path of Nucleo Studio. At the end of the evening, guests were treated to Piergiorgio’s favorite cocktail, Negroni Sbagliato, and the singer Jekka was responsible for the music.

The event was rather bourgeois but in Moscow everything things tend to take on a higher level sophistication in their presentation, in the west it would have been trendy to host the event in warehouse with simple red wine. My upcoming post will feature a conversation with Dasha Nuzhnaya about the work of Piergiorgio and the hurdles in setting up these new events in Moscow.


(Left) Alina Pinskay – Owner of the Palisander gallery, (Center) Piergiorgio Robino – Artist and head of Nucleo Studio based out of Turin, Italy. (Right) Margarita Pushkina – Founder of the Cosmoscow Art Collectors Club


Photo From Event



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