IAP Health Reflection: Mallika

Many people know me as a social media fiend. I’m an avid Snapchatter, Facebooker, and Instagrammer, as obnoxious as my posting may be. I comment, I like, I react, I do anything and everything that pertains to social networks.

Thus, coming into the BMC Autism Program as a Social Media Intern felt more of a natural inclination than a growth opportunity. I started off with the assumption that I would knock out all expectations as soon as possible, leaving a month of work finished within the span of days. I couldn’t foresee how much my learning could extend, especially in a cubicle from 8 to 4.

But the second I stepped on campus I knew I was in for an opportunity like I’ve never experienced. As a girl from Californian suburbia, it was my first actual dynamic involvement with a city. Getting off the 1 bus every morning and stepping back on in the afternoon was the most natural way to witness the diversity Boston has to offer. Campus was an entirely different experience altogether. Being able to sit in on grand rounds and lectures (however uninformed I was on the topic) provided insights into what a future in medicine might hold. I tried my best to hold onto information about Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, psychosis, autism, and many more diagnoses.

Surprisingly enough, handling social media became a learning opportunity in its own right. Who knew, working social media for a hospital would be significantly different than that of a teenage girl. I ran into multiple frustrating roadblocks, but with the help of my supervisors, was able to end the month with a project I was proud of, with an impact beyond the bounds of IAP.

I’ve learned so much about myself this month. That I love collaborative work. That I hate sitting at a cubicle. That I love medicine. And that I see myself doing similar work in the near future. I’m indebted to the PKG and BMC Autism Program for this immense learning opportunity, and I’m excited for future interns to embark on this transformational process as well.

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