Social Impact Internships: Elenna Kim (’25)

Hi, I’m Elenna! I’m a Social Impact Intern, rising junior studying 6-4 (Electric Engineering and Computer Science; Architecture), and an intern for the Operational Services Division (OSD) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this summer. I analyzed purchasing data from statewide contracts to help classify whether transactions are for Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP). My work involved cleaning and structuring the government data, and building a preliminary machine learning model that classifies whether transactions are EPP. 

I recreated this graphic from one of the posters hanging in the OSD office. It is Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” album cover with text added to represent how, similar to how a prism separates visible light into its different colors, OSD takes data and extracts meaningful business insight from it. I chose this medium to represent my reflections and thoughts because our workplace theme was “OSD is music” (we would hang creative music posters around the office for fun), and I thought this poster was a good representation of how the Performance Analytics team that I worked with at OSD uses data for community and economic development.

Elenna Kim’s poster

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