Social Impact Internships: Mauricio Darcourt (’24)

Mauricio Darcourt

Hi, I’m Mauricio Darcourt, a 15-2 major at MIT, currently interning with Thinkgive. This small non-profit organization is making a big impact on students’ lives by focusing on social and emotional programming. As part of my role, I’ve been working on enhancing their data capabilities to better prepare them for fundraising and performance tracking.

The heart of Thinkgive’s mission lies in addressing the emotional maturity of students. In a world where schools often overlook the importance of reflecting on one’s past, current, and future actions, Thinkgive steps in to bridge this gap. Their programs aim to help students navigate their thoughts and actions towards themselves and others.

What struck me most about Thinkgive is their effective use of volunteering and direct
service as strategies for social change. The commitment of those administering the
curriculum is awe-inspiring. Teachers dedicate their time not only to conduct classes but
also to provide valuable feedback through surveys. Witnessing the dedication of repeat
teachers showcases the organization’s ability to motivate individuals to volunteer their
time for a cause they believe in.

Thinkgive has the potential to contribute to improving racial injustice. Their free and
inclusive curriculum reaches everyone, focusing on enhancing the social and emotional
well-being of students facing the most significant injustices. By nurturing emotional
health, the organization aims to empower students to face their challenges with
resilience and compassion.

Throughout my internship, I had the privilege of working closely with the founder of
Thinkgive. I appreciated her willingness to share her time, answer questions, and
collaborate towards solutions. Her deep involvement in the organization served as a
source of inspiration.

Connecting Internship with Personal Aspirations: While I aspire to do a lot of good, the
challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. Being part of a small yet impactful team
like Thinkgive, witnessing their work with thousands of students, and observing their
growth has been a reassuring experience. It reinforces the notion that even small efforts
can lead to significant positive change.

In conclusion, my time with Thinkgive has been a journey of discovery, learning, and
inspiration. Addressing the emotional maturity of students is a critical social issue, and I
am grateful to contribute to Thinkgive’s mission of making a lasting impact on the lives
of young individuals.

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