Reclaim! The Ojibwe video game.

Reclaim! Produced by Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia (a women- and native-led nonprofit) is a point-and-click adventure game with a full immersive environment in the Ojibwe language and culture. An English version is also being completed. Currently in the production phase, there are 8 levels of the game to be fully developed by summer 2024. The game restores the indigenous metaphysical idea that we can communicate with everything alive on this planet, and that interconnectedness and relationality are primary concepts during the time of climate change.  The Ojibwe language version of the game is meant to feed the hungry learning of Ojibwemowin that may lack an environment to practice in.

Positions available: 

  • 2D or 3D artist
  • Digital Sound Editing/Composing 
  • Unity Programmer

Reclaim! will accept internship applications for the Ojibwe land+language video game from visual and sound artists, as well as programmers experienced or skilled in using the Unity game engine.

Full production on levels of the game began July 2023, and pipelines for each of these teams exist.

Interns would work to create assets (as directed by team leader) that could be used in Unity, and credited in the final release.

Examples of work may include: searching asset libraries for foley, cleaning up animations, or 3D modeling for particular backgrounds.

A programming intern could work on play testing, quality assurance and bug squashing, under the guidance of the back end Developers.